Google paves way to tap Pay users’ data in India.

Three and a half years after launching Google Pay in India, the Android-maker is paving the way to tap its users’ transaction data for monetization purposes — though it plans to give them ample warning, and the option to opt-out. Google said on Thursday that it will roll out an

Google unveils $25 million in grants aimed at empowering women and girls

Monday to fund works of nonprofits and social enterprises that are committed to empower women and girls.’s new Impact Challenge, unveiled on Internet Women’s Day, is aimed at addressing systemic barriers and inequities so that women have access to economic equality, opportunity to build financial independence and pursue entrepreneurism,

Hackers Abusing Google Apps Script

Credit card details of shoppers have been under threat for quite some time now. However, the threat just got bigger with hackers using a unique technique for the purpose. What’s it? Attackers are exploiting the Google App Script domain——to evade Content Security Policy (CSP) controls and malware scan engines. This