windows 11 home screen

Windows 11 after a month of use – all you need to know.

Windows 11 was announced to be released later in 2021, according to CEO and chairman Satya Nadella at the Microsoft Build 2021 developer conference. This upgrade is meant to be the successor of the already popular Windows 10 released in 2015. A lot of speculations have been around this upgrade

Windows 11 Pro App: Everything you need to know.

Android apps on Windows 11? How it works, which apps you get, when to download   Microsoft’s new app store will bring a new way to run small-screen Android apps on your larger-screen Windows 11 PC.   Microsoft is bringing Android apps to its new app Store, the software giant

Windows 11: The latest on Microsoft’s ‘next-generation’ OS.

Microsoft is promising to show off the “next generation” of Windows at a June 24th event at 11AM ET / 8AM PT. The update, which will likely be called Windows 11, is expected to have a revamped look for the operating system as well as updates to the platform’s built-in

Windows 10 has only 4 years left to live (officially).

Microsoft will soon announce the next version of Windows on June 24. But before that happens, the company has already declared that it’s ending support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. As noted by Thurrott, this is the first time the firm has specified an end date for the

Microsoft: SolarWinds hackers’ goal was the victims’ cloud data

Microsoft says that the end goal of the SolarWinds supply chain compromise was to pivot to the victims’ cloud assets after deploying the Sunburst/Solorigate backdoor on their local networks. No new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) were shared in a blog post published on Monday to provide Microsoft 365 Defender