Smart Technology

Metaverse app allows kids into virtual strip clubs

Some apps in the virtual-reality metaverse are “dangerous by design”, the NSPCC has warned in response to a BBC News investigation. A researcher posing as a 13-year-old girl witnessed grooming, sexual material, racist insults and a rape threat in the virtual-reality world. The children’s charity said it was “shocked and

Bionic eye tech aims to help blind people see

Existing bionic eye systems have a chip fitted to a person’s retina, which connects wirelessly to a camera fitted to glasses Once upon a time there were some unusual Australian sheep, with exceptionally sharp eyesight. The small flock spent three months last year with bionic, artificial eyes, surgically implanted behind

NASA’s Mars drone nails its first flight of 2022

Following several delays due to dust storms, NASA’s record-setting Ingenuity Mars helicopter has finally taken its first flight of 2022. The 4-pound, 19-inch-tall rotorcraft flew at an altitude of 33 feet (10 meters) for almost 100 seconds and covered a distance of about 203 feet (62 meters) during its latest


The Balmuda Phone: a compact Android phone from a toaster company

A 4.9-inch screen for over $900 in Japan Today, Japanese design company Balmuda announced its first smartphone at a press event in Tokyo. The directly titled Balmuda Phone is the debut product from a new division of the company previously known for stylish, premium home appliances like air purifiers and

Toyota’s new electric SUV has a solar roof and a steering yoke like Tesla

The first all-electric vehicle from the Japanese automaker Toyota released new details about its upcoming electric compact SUV, the BZ4X, which includes an optional solar roof and a steering yoke similar to the one featured in the latest version of the Tesla Model S. The steering yoke, which Toyota describes

Ikea’s $39.99 pad brings built-in wireless charging to almost any table. Ikea’s Sjömärke fits under a table to make it a charger. You may not have one of Ikea’s powered-up desks or shelving units though they got in relatively early on selling furniture embedded with wireless charging coils? There will be a solution to seamless Wireless Qi charging without redecorating

Segway’s robot mower uses GPS to stay on track.

No boundary wire needed. The Navimow, Segway’s first robotic lawnmower, uses GPS to stay on your lawn and keep it perfectly groomed. Unlike other robot mowers, you won’t need to put a border wire to keep the robot on the appropriate piece of grass. The Navimow is kept in “precise