Segway’s robot mower uses GPS to stay on track.

sergway's navimow

No boundary wire needed.

The Navimow, Segway’s first robotic lawnmower, uses GPS to stay on your lawn and keep it perfectly groomed. Unlike other robot mowers, you won’t need to put a border wire to keep the robot on the appropriate piece of grass.

The Navimow is kept in “precise positions and systematic mowing patterns” by Segway’s Exact Fusion Locating System, which keeps its position exact to within two centimeters. The Navimow features sensors that will keep it mowing even if its GPS signal is weak.

Navimow’s smartphone app allows users to determine the area’s borders to be mowed and give it directions for which places to avoid. The Navimow algorithm, according to Segway, “determines a holistic mowing path” that avoids crisscrossing already-mowed regions.

The Navimow has offset blades that allow it to cut as near to the lawn’s margins as possible. Blade Halt technology detects anything in the lawn, such as pets, toys, or children, and prevents the mower’s blades from rotating. The Navimow, according to Segway, can “withstand downpour, hard splashing, and high-pressure water jets.” Still, if rain begins to fall, the rain sensor will direct it back to its charging station. The Navimow will not be available in the United States until later this year, according to Segway.

The Navimow can manage up to 45-degree inclines in lawns and operates at a relatively quiet 54 decibels. The Navimow is available in four variants, starting with the H500E, which can be used on a lawn up to 500 square meters (5400 square feet) and costs €1199 (about $1,425).

The Navimow H800, which costs €1499 (roughly $1,781), is designed for lawns up to 800 square meters (approximately 8,600 square feet); the H1500E, which costs €1999 ($2,375), can mow lawns up to 1,500 square meters (roughly 16,145 feet); and the H3000E, which costs €2499 (approximately $2,969), can mow lawns up to 3000 square meters (about 33,000 square feet).

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